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Matrix Photo courtesy: LANL – NMC Laboratories

PBR101 Photobioreactor

You want to optimize algae growth and strain selection before scaling up to production. The Award-Winning Phenometrics Photo Bioreactor 101 (PBR101™) is the tool to help you do exactly that.

  • Phenometrics products are designed by research scientists, engineers and real-world users for research and development purposes.
  • The computer-controlled PBR101 uses breakthrough technology to mimic environmental conditions such as temperature, light intensity and CO2.
  • Experiment and monitor actual growth as your algae progresses through phase, allowing you to gain knowledge quickly and adjust accordingly.
  • User friendly software collects comprehensive data for reporting and analysis.
  • Use multiple systems in a “matrix” setup. Ideal for simultaneous optimization with multiple variables applied for condition, algal strain, or both.

Algae Research Overview

There are tens of thousands of known species of microalgae, some of which have been shown to be excellent sources of biofuels, foods, feedstock, nutraceuticals, health foods, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other major commercial products.

These often benefit from their ability to grow across a wide-range of environmental conditions with smaller acreage requirement and much shorter harvesting times when compared to equivalent yields of traditional crops such as corn, sugar cane, and others.

As such, algae has become an important area of research and development in the biomass, biofuel, and bioproduct arenas. Phenometrics products were created specifically to help further that research.

Benefits of a Benchtop Bioreactor

  • Cleaner, Faster and More Sustainable.

    Use the natural power of photosyntheses in algae to produce a cleaner, healthier products with no CO2 output.

  • Explore Strains for Biofuel

    Quickly and easily research different strains of algae with high lipid content for a sustainable feedstock for the production of biodiesel fuel.

  • Predict Yields Before Investing Big

    Accurately predict the required growing conditions of algae in much larger systems, such as raceways and industrial-scale bioreactors, often tens of thousands of liters or larger.