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providing tools for algal research

PBR101 algae photo bioreactor

AIM Awards First Place x 3

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You want to optimize algae growth or algal production.

The Award-Winning Phenometrics Photo Bioreactor 101 (PBR101™) is the #1 tool to help you do exactly that.

Phenometrics products are designed by scientists, engineers and real-world users for research or production purposes.

The computer-controlled PBR101 uses breakthrough technology to mimic environmental and/or production conditions such as temperature, light intensity and CO2.
The PBR101 allows you to monitor actual growth (via on-board turbidistat) as your algae progresses through its growth phases, so that you can know what helps and what hinders growth.
Choose from pre-programmed experiments, or quickly and easily design your own, with the growth variables that are most important to you.

Use multiple systems for simultaneous optimization of growth conditions either by condition, algal strain, or both. Up to 256 reactors, each with its own programmed experiment, can be controlled simultaneously by a single computer running Algal Command, Phenometrics' software written specifically for customized experimentation for the optimization of algal growth conditions.