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Welcome to Phenometrics

Phenometrics, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of research and development in photosynthesis by delivering innovative solutions for researchers worldwide.

Our flagship product, the Phenometrics Photo Bioreactor (PBR102-F), is an advanced algae culturing system that allows you to quickly and easily determine the best growth factors for your algae strains. The original Phenometrics ePBR, PBR 101’s predecessor, was developed by Dr. David Kramer, a foremost researcher in photosynthesis and bioenergetics  at Michigan State University.

Beyond the PBR 101, Phenometrics continues to advance the development of our bioreactors along with new innovations: a revised, more powerful user interface (Algal Command), and important new accessories that make it easier than ever for you to find better ways of promoting algal growth.

Phenometrics is committed to working in collaboration with public and private sectors in all areas of photosynthesis research related to biofuel, nutraceutical, animal feed and health markets. Please contact us to explore opportunities in any of these exciting areas.