Full Spectrum Light


New! Full Spectrum Light

Reproduce accurate algal field results in the lab using the New FSL-200 Light System Upgrade your Phenometrics PBR-101 with the FSL-Full Spectrum Light system, whose spectral output closely resembles the sun’s light spectrum.

The data from the PBR-101/FSL-200 combination delivers a more accurate analysis of how algae will grow in an outdoor environment day after day.

It is also a more stable light source that integrates seamlessly with the Algal Command software. Using the FSL-200 light system in the lab, scientists can now better predict growth curves and biomass productivity of an outdoor pond or raceway.

The FSL-200 is an upgrade* to the LED light that comes standard with the PBR-101 and the ePBR.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 186.69 mm
  • Max DIA: 78.56 mm
  • Minor DIA: 69.85mm
  • Weight: .45kg
  • Brightness: 17000 µmol photons
  • Power: 50 watts
  • Max current: 1 amp

What You Will Need:

  • PBR101: Environmental Photo Bioreactor
  • FSL-200: Full Spectrum Light
  • ALCD:  AlgalCommand Software—Included
  • Electronics Upgrade: Each PBR-101 unit needs to be upgraded with new boards and a power supply. The cost of the light will include the internal board and power modification. Customers may request an onsite upgrade or to send their PBRs back to the Phenometrics for modification for an additional fee.

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