pH Probe


The Phenometrics pH probe is designed to work seamlessly with the PBR101 and PBR102 series photo bioreactors. It consists of an all-in-one sensor electrode and reference electrode that connects by a single lead (for PBR102) or double cable (for PBR101).

The pH Probe is an optional accessory, though used by most algal scientists to monitor the health of the algae and an indicator of when it is necessary to feed the algae more CO2.

The tip of the pH Electrode consists of a solid, translucent glass bulb has a plastic cap on the tip filled with storage fluid to keep the electrode from getting dry.

Photo bioreactor pH probe measurement range pH 0 to 14 pH.

Product Specifications:

Additional Information:

pH Probe for connecting to PBR101
pH Probe for connecting to PBR102 Series