Replacement Parts

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Keep your PBR running

PHCE102: pH Electrode (this single combo-probe replaces PHSP102 and PHRP102)

CUVL103: Culture Vessel Cap for older systems using new PHCE102 pH Electrode

CUVL102: Autoclavable Culture Vessel

TP2501: Turbidistat Pump

CUTP102: Culture Temperature Probe

JTTR102: Jacket Temperature Probe

PMK102: Preventive Maintenance Kit:

VLWW102: Vessel Window (1)

BOR102: Black O-ring (3)

OOR102: Red O-ring (3)

LRCP102: Luer cap (12)

LBM102: Luer, barbed male (12)

LTF102: Luer, threaded female (12)

SSSP: Sterile Septum Sampling Port

TPTB101: Turbidistat pump tubing, 0.081 ID, with fittings, 2′

PS101: Power Supply

ALCD: AlgalCommand Software

EXWR102: Extended warranty, 1 yr