Algal Command Software


Powerful, intuitive, open-source.

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Additional Information:

Software Features:

Algal Command software (included with PBR101 purchase) enables remote, programmable adjustment of key parameters of the culture’s environment:

  • Variable light intensity up to full sunlight (>3000 μmol photons m-2 s-1)
  • Ability to control and adjust light and temperature over diurnal cycles
  • Ability to control and measure pH
  • Mixing by magnetic stirrer or bubbling (sparging)
  • Ability to control CO2 and other gasses
  • Continuous measurement of turbidity to estimate growth rates
  • Ability to vary conditions in complex ways by user customized scripting
  • Customizable with specialized probes/configurations

System Requirements

Minimum PC requirements:

  • Windows XP/Windows 7 compatible computer, OR
  • Mac OS 10.4, OR
  • Linux, minimum 2 GB memory
  • CD-ROM
  • Ethernet
  • Super VGA display with a minimum 800 X 600 resolution and 256 colors