An economically viable solution to wastewater treatment may be in the works.

“Potentially it looks like we could, between the savings on chemical, the savings on the sludge, and the sale of the algae, have a process that may pay for itself. In wastewater, that’s unheard of,”, John Bond, Roberts Wisconsin’s Public Works Director.

An algae based solution to treating wastewater is showing great results. Read the full article here:



Top 7 reasons to use a bench-top photobioreactor

So, you’re interested in a bench-top photobioreactor? Here’s 7 top reasons why that’s a great idea:

  1. Select the right strain for the right job.
  2. Predict yields before investing in scale up.
  3. Protect investment after scale with continuous optimization of condition and strain.
  4. Reduce the risk of wasted raw materials.
  5. Make recommendations to your stakeholders with greater confidence.
  6. Use the data that is captured to visually communicate your message.
  7. The PBR101 by Phenometrics is used in 9 out of 10 major research labs.

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Getting started is easy

Wondering how to get started with the PBR101? It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3...

1. Order your equipment

One box includes everything you need
Ships within 2 weeks (gloabally)
Expedited delivery available

2. Setup the unit

Place on any bench-top with an electrical outlet (no water or hood required)
Connect to your computer or network with Ethernet cable (included)
Follow the step by step instructions that come in the box

3. Begin your first experiment

Calibrate the unit
Prepare your media
Start growing Algae!

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The “promisability” of algae

Originally posted on October 25, 2016 in Algae Industry Magazine


Commercial algae products coming to a retail outlet near you. Click to enlarge photo.


o, what can we learn from the 10th Algae Biomass Summit, now in session in Phoenix, one of the nascent industry’s hub locations? For those who have attended this major industry mile marker through its tenured history, the news is as diverse as the product offerings now coming to market.

Over the years, since this event first brought the industry together under a shared vision of algae replacing our dependency on fossil fuels, the pivots have come hot and heavy. If fact it seemed this year that about the only word that went nearly unspoken was “biofuel.” From a former cause celebre, the biofuel application has been relegated to a way future possibility, to come long after the multitude of higher value applications have matured.

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