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Why Phenometrics Bioreactors?

There are tens of thousands of known species of microalgae, some of which have been shown to be excellent sources of biofuels, foods, feedstock, nutraceuticals, health foods, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other major commercial products. Here's how we unlock their value.

Cleaner. Faster. More Sustainable.

Use the natural power of photosyntheses in algae to produce a cleaner, healthier products with no CO2 output.

Explore Strains for Biofuel

Quickly and easily research different strains of algae with high lipid content for a sustainable feedstock for the production of biodiesel fuel.

Predict Yields Before Investing Big

Accurately predict the required growing conditions of algae in much larger systems, such as raceways and industrial-scale bioreactors, often tens of thousands of liters or larger.

The PBR102-F Photo Bioreactor System

The PBR102-F™ is the next generation indoor photo bioreactor for outdoor algae production ponds, large-scale bioreactors, and teaching tools for algae laboratories. The PBR102-F is a fully programmable instrument that includes the FSL200 Full Spectrum light that simulates the colors of sunlight and promotes algae growth.


Microalgae often benefit from their ability to grow across a wide-range of environmental conditions with smaller acreage requirement and much shorter harvesting times when compared to equivalent yields of traditional crops such as corn, sugar cane, and others.

As such, algae has become an important area of research and development in the biomass, biofuel, and bioproduct arenas. Phenometrics products were created specifically to help further that research.

Our Bioreactor system helps with:

  • Production pond optimization
  • Algae strain selection, development and discovery
  • Production pond simulation
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