Frequently Asked Questions

What is the volume of media that the culture vessel can hold?

The maximum volume that the culture vessel can hold is 700 ml. The recommended volume for operation of the PBR101 is 150-650 ml.

What is the peak intensity of the LED?

The LED can output a maximum of 3,000 µE.

What types of gas can I inject into the culture vessel?

Utilizing the built-in solenoid valve of the PBR101, users can inject any desired gas or gas mixture into the culture vessel. The most common gasses used being carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

How can I view the data that is recorded by the Algal Command software?

The Algal Command software creates graphs using real-time data collection, that can be viewed directly through the Algal Command user interface. Algal Command also stores all data collected in CSV files, that can be used with most data analysis or spreadsheet software.

What operating system is required to run the Algal Command software?

Since Algal Command is a Java application, it can be run on any system that has Java installed on it (including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

Do I need Java installed on my computer to run the Algal Command software?

Yes, users will need to have Java installed on their computer to be able to launch Algal Command. It is recommended that users install Java SE Runtime Environment 7u79, instead of the latest Java 8 version. Here is a link to help:

Why is the vessel made of polycarbonate?

The vessels are made of polycarbonate for two main reasons. The first reason, is that this allows the vessels to be sterilized in an autoclave. The second reason, is that this allows the vessels to be easily customized to a customer’s specific needs for input/output ports on the vessel.

What culture temperatures can the PBR101 produce?

The PBR101 can create culture temperatures from 10°C to 50°C.

What is the function of the turbidistat pump?

The TP2501 Turbidistat Pump allows users to maintain a steady culture density, while simultaneously maintaining a constant culture volume.

Why is the PBR101 so small, and can I get a larger version?

The PBR101 was designed specifically for high-throughput data collection via a matrix of evinronmental photobioreactors that can operate on a laboratory bench-top. We currently do not offer a larger version of our environmental photobioreactor.

What do I get when I order a PBR101?

When you order a PBR101 you will receive the PBR101 control tower, heating/cooling jacket with optical density sensor, one vessel with cap, o-rings and lens for the vessel cap, two audio cables for connecting the optical density sensing units, one stir bar, tygon tubing, one ethernet cord, a router for connecting the unit to your computer, one jacket and one culture temperature probe, and a vessel accessory package. A pH probe, extra vessels, and maintenance kits can be ordered separately.

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