The “promisability” of algae

Originally posted on October 25, 2016 in Algae Industry Magazine


Commercial algae products coming to a retail outlet near you. Click to enlarge photo.


o, what can we learn from the 10th Algae Biomass Summit, now in session in Phoenix, one of the nascent industry’s hub locations? For those who have attended this major industry mile marker through its tenured history, the news is as diverse as the product offerings now coming to market.

Over the years, since this event first brought the industry together under a shared vision of algae replacing our dependency on fossil fuels, the pivots have come hot and heavy. If fact it seemed this year that about the only word that went nearly unspoken was “biofuel.” From a former cause celebre, the biofuel application has been relegated to a way future possibility, to come long after the multitude of higher value applications have matured.

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